Al Gore Continues to Make the Environment Hip

Al Gore's most recent contribution to the global war on climate change is 7 concerts in 7 countries on 7/7/07. The global project, called Live Earth, has over 100 artists from Bon Jovi to Ray LaMontagne to Snoop Dogg to Kelly Clarkson on the bill already, with more sure to join. While not all of the cities have been named yet, Sydney, London, Shanghai, and Johannesburg are already pinned. The US city is still TBD (as is Antarctica) so cross your fingers and hold your breath and hope its one near you.

Gore anticipates that the concerts could bring in over 2 billion dollars to contribute to the cause, but the real impact will be felt in the growth in awareness.

check out the official site for more details

and check out eco-tips for suggestions on how to become more eco-friendly yourself
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