The Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

Release Date: March 6th

Track Listing
01 Black Mirror
02 Keep the Car Running
03 Neon Bible
04 Intervention
05 Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations
06 Ocean of Noise
07 The Well and the Lighthouse
08 (Antichrist Television Blues)
09 Windowsill
10 No Cars Go
11 My Body Is a Cage

The Arcade Fire suffer from what afflicts many bands following an overhyped birth into the world: the sophomore slump. They don’t bring anything new to the table with their second album, Neon Bible. “Ocean of Noise” was exactly that, a slow, painful cacophony of high-pitched twitter. Luckily, my ears were soothed with “The Well and the Lighthouse”. I’m a sucker for rhythm, and I quite enjoyed the offbeat tempo in “(Antichrist Television Blues)”, although they really could’ve done without Regine’s high pitched wailing in the background. I’m sorry I just really don’t like her voice.

Hit Parade: “Keep the Car Running”
The Arcade Fire
Neon Bible
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