03.11.07 Bloc Party

Smoosh opened the show and were well received by the audience. They played some of their hits, like "Find a Way" and "Le Pump" and also showcased some new songs that featured Asya branching from the keyboard to the guitar, and the newest addendum to Smoosh, 9-year-old Maia on bass. The girls were so cute and the audience loved them and showed their support after every song.
The next band was Final Fantasy, which is basically this guy, Owen Pallet, looping violin and singing along to images on an overhead projector. I can't say I was a fan. It was just way too weird and pretentious, like he was trying really hard to be indie.
"This Modern Love (live)" Final Fantasy cover
Then, yay! Bloc Party! I think they could have done their set list better because they opened up slowly and ended slowly. They played a lot off the new album, A Weekend in the City, but it was their older stuff that was better received. They played "Banquet", "This Modern Love", "So Here We Are", "She's Hearing Voices" etc. and the crowd loved it. The song off the new album that brought people to their feet was "The Prayer" so I'm going to call it now (even though I swear I was calling it weeks ago, ask anyone): it's gonna be the next single!!!! The encore included a double drum attack on "Sunday". All in all, a solid show, though I expected more of them. Just as I was disappointed with the new album, I was keenly aware and disappointed that this tour was meant purely to support the album. Some of the slow songs simply seemed out of place, and the band seemed a bit stiff and unsure of what to do with themselves on the big stage. Bloc Party has stepped into the big league limelight, let's see if they burn or shine under the bright lights.
Bloc Party @ the Paramount
Bloc Party
Bloc Party Encore
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