04.09.07 | Ratatat | The Mercy Lounge

I arrived just at the end of the opening act, Despot's, set. So I can't really tell you much except he's from Queens. He wanted you to know that.

Next up was 120 Days, a band out of Norway. Lead singer Ådne Meisfjord was in an electro-rock trance (or some clever chemical concoction) as he thrusted his hips to "dance this life away". Arne Stöy masterfully manned the rhythm section throughout the night, eventually bringing the crowd to it's feet after an informative dance lesson by Meisfjord. FYI: "You have to move your feet."

After a much too long set change, Ratatat (Evan Mast and Mike Stroud) took the stage with their funky video background that flashed "Thank You" after every song. I was curious to see how they would be live, given the electronic nature of their music. I was happy to see though, that they played as much of their material live as possible, willing to sacrifice precision for a good show. Mike ripped through the guitar lines soaked in luscious reverberation and other rich effects, while Evan steadfastly moved the songs along with his bass. The kids went wild for "Seventeen Years", which was quickly followed up by "Wildcat". By the end of the night the floor had become wannabe hipster soup, from highschool kids sporting A Christmas Story glasses to skinny industry types clutching beer on tap to meaty frat boys incongruously throwing up gang signs. Ratatat brings these people together because really, we all just want to dance.

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