04.14.07 TV on the Radio

Well I arrived a little after TVotR had already started, due to that inexplicable phenomena that occurs when one has been drinking and the time seems to trickle away like the booze from the bottle. The venue, I must say, is the dumbest venue I have ever encountered. It was fairly large, but the stage was not centered! Think, a rectangle, but the stage is way over on the left so pretty much only half of the crowd can see. Luckily I perched myself on the barricade of the sound booth and was able to see the remainder of the show. I caught the end of "Province" which was wham-bam-double-rapid-fire-single explosion followed by "Wolf Like Me", off Return to Cookie Mountain. Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone complimented each other perfectly, with Adebimpe (did you know he acts too?) encompassing the hungry, desperation of the lyrics while Malone soothed with his haunting voice. Many songs off the new album were played including, "Blues From Down Here", "Dirtywhirl", and "Wash the Day". The ten song set ended and after a brief pause, the band returned for an encore with friends and finished the evening with "Staring at the Sun". TVotR's melodies are as lush as the Beach Boys, and coming from a die-hard Beach Boys fan, that is something to be proud of.
This is the closest I could come to an actual, visible picture of the band. (That's Malone, note the faintest squiggle of an afro).
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