oh snap, Bumbershoot '07

An intial 2007 line-up was released for the annual Bumbershoot festival yesterday. For those unfamiliar, Bumbershoot is a 3-day music/culture/food/arts/anything festival over Labor Day weekend in our lovely hometown of Seattle. Inspite of hard feelings I still harbor about a) missing Elvis Costello a couple years ago and b) The festival being downsized to 3 days instead of 4 starting last year and ticket prices going up, the line up is off to a respectable start:


the Shins
Wu-Tang Clan
Devendra Banhart
Gogol Bordello

The whole shebang goes down September 1st - 3rd at the Seattle Center. Tix are $30 starting in July. Steep, I know, so pick your day wisely (or get a festival pass if you really wanna drop some cash).

official site

tracks to get you pumped (follow links)

"At the Hop" - Devendra Banhart

"We're Leaving" - Devotchka

"When I Was a Little Spy" - Gogol Bordello

Bumbershoot and its free cousin Folklife (Memorial Day weekend) are also great places to check out local talent in mass quantity.
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