05.19.07 Mates of State w/ Aqueduct

I arrived in time to catch a few songs of Aqueduct's set. They energetically played their songs with great spirits despite the small crowd. It happened to be David's birthday as well, so at the end of their set everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.
After a short break, matrimonious couple Kori and Jason of Mates of State took the stage with their fun electric organ + drum set tunes. Kori's voice was impeccable, although Jason failed to reach the right pitch a few times, which is understandable, since he is obviously singing much higher than a comfortable range. They played mostly upbeat numbers, indicating to the audience when the next song was a "dance tune". They happily played their set with ease and sent the audience off into the night with a smile on their faces and a spring in their step.

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