05.26.07 Sasquatch Music Festival

After a grueling 3+ hour drive in which over an hour was spent in traffic and I was pulled over for driving in the left lane (no cruising allowed apparently), we arrived at the Gorge Amphitheater for the 2007 Sasquatch Music Festival. I saw the following bands:
- Neko Case: seemed a bit harried but her voice was spot on
- Ghostland Observatory: suffered many technical setbacks but were still able to put on a great show
- Mirah: very annoying voice, speaking and singing
- Aqueduct: wooooooooot!
- Arcade Fire: despite their hype I was not particularly blown away by their set. Rather, I found some of their antics a bit pretentious, what with the sermon intro, literal neon bibles flashing throughout the songs, and downright creepy faces projected on the backdrop. Granted I have always taken them with a grain of salt, I think they could've, and should've, brought a more epic performance.

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