7.7.07... are you ready?

Everyone seems to be taking a piece of July 7th 2007. It is the day of the Live Earth Concert (7 gigantic concerts of 7 continents to raise money/awarness about climate change) the New Seven Wonders of the World will be announced (a shameless tourism ploy... but anyone can vote). The only one not on board seems to be Harry Potter.

Live Earth, which actually only takes place on 6 continents (no Antarctic, but China and Japan both get shows), has a surprisingly ho-hum line up. I suspect though, that with artists like Kelly Clarkson and Linkin Park there will be way more ticket sales than a headliner like Devendra Banhart. So in the name of the environment I say onward!

The US show is going down in NYC and includes acts like Roger Waters, Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

And if you feel like voting for the 7 wonders of the world, here's your link.

As an adendum, Bush has recently jumped on the curbs (your emissions, not enthusiam) train and spoke about the need for US action. NPR has the details. Don't get too excited yet though, as cap and trade is still out and the leaked G8 summit plans doesn't paint him so green.
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