The Go! Team || Proof of Youth

1. Grip Like a Vice
2. Doing It Right
3. My World
4. Titanic Vandalism
5. Fake ID
6. Universal Speech
7. Keys to the City
8. The Wrath of Marcie
9. I Never Needed It Now So Much
10. Flashlight Fight
11. Patricia's Moving Picture

The Go! Team's sophomore album, Proof of Youth (Sub Pop) is in stores today. As the follow up to Thunder, Lightning, Strike it has a lot to prove. Unfortunately, it seems to fall short of the standards set by their first full length. This album lacks the sprightly, energetic ingenuity of Thunder. The problem with this new album is that much of it sounds the same and no risks are taken with the record. I love The Go! Team, I just wish that they would truly embrace their seemingly adventurous nature and branch out.

Scene Points: 5, if you haven't heard of The Go! Team then you are just lame.
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