Rap Battle 2007!

Today 50 Cent's album, Curtis goes head to head with Kanye West's album, Graduation.
Click here to read about 50's challenge to Kanye on who can sell more albums
So who do you support?
"Stronger" Kanye West
"Ayo Technology (ft. JT & Timbaland)" 50 Cent
For me it is a tough decision. I definitely like 50's single better than Kanye's, but the genius of it is really only due to the dynamic duo, Timberlake and Timbaland, who seem to have the Midas touch. His label was also smart to release the single closer to the album date, because by now, I am sick of Kanye's cocky "Stronger". He too, relies on a better artist (Daft Punk) to provide the hook and theme for his song, but his own originality seems to flounder at times with lines like, "I'll do anything for a blonde dyke". (Um, is that so?) But as for who is more likely to sell more albums, I think the win will be in Kanye's favor. For not only is he a hip hop artist, he courts us rock and rollers, whereas 50 plays it safe by jumping in bed with pop stars.

Now get out there and consume, consume, consume!
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September 11, 2007 at 7:40 PM ×

I actually like Stronger better than Ayo Technology. And I loved Can't Tell Me Nothing, Kanye's first single. In general, though, I'm not particularly a fan of either. I think 50 is a crappy rapper and I think Kanye is really conceited. Which, generally I'm a fan of being conceited, but he's conceited in a way that annoys me, if that makes sense.

September 11, 2007 at 8:14 PM ×

Yeah I just learned that I'm a little uniformed cos they both had prior singles. No one will miss 50 if he "retires". And I agree, Kanye is obnoxiously conceited, and actually really needs to be put in his place. Unfortunately, that probably won't be happening any time soon, especially since he is playing at my school for Homecoming.

Evan B.
September 11, 2007 at 8:22 PM ×

Daft punk origonally took a lot of their songs from older bands and revamped them, much like modern techno artists pull from bad 80s love songs. So whos the bigger liar? Kanye or Daft Punk.