Scene Rules 101: A Rant

To be scene is to be indie. But what exactly does indie mean? Literally, it means independent, so that means music that is put out directly by the artist and not supported by the label, or perhaps a film that is not funded by a major production company but rather by a company that solicits investors for their film projects, or funds it out of their own pocket along with the help of their sorry friends and family. Most things that people consider indie are not actually indie, but they fit the image of what one perceives to be indie. I would just like to point out a few things that are NOT INDIE PEOPLE. You know why? Because there are probably 2.3 million other people ages 18-24 who like the same thing and think that they are indie because no one in their social circle likes the combination of Rushmore, Elliot Smith, and Charles Bukowski. Here is a rudimentary list that I am sure I will add to on another day when I am slightly buzzed and mostly bitter.

-   Wes Anderson films: Okay yeah, he’s a cool director, he does some nifty things, he’s all about the angst and confusion, but really, in the grand scheme of things, so are many other directors, they just don’t put it out there like hey, if you’re looking for a movie about feeling sorry for yourself, check this one out.
-   Chuck Palahniuk books: Uggggh so over him. Fight Club was good, Invisible Monsters was good. But when Panic at the Disco is quoting him you know that he’s gone to shit.
-   Radiohead: I don’t even think Radiohead is considered indie, but I just felt like this was a good time and place to go off on them because I just do not like them. I really don’t understand what’s so great about them. Someone, please enlighten me.
-   Poetry: Dude everyone can write poetry! It doesn’t have to be good but rhyme a couple lines and there ya fucking go. Also, writing really “profound” (aka shit that makes no sense!) things like “Every day I cry when I look into my bowl of Choco Krispies and see that the world is so fractured and I am but one fragile soul staring into space.” Damn, that there is good poetry. Really if there’s one thing everyone should know by now is that writing will get you about as far as your bathroom where you’ll be hugging the toilet bowl cos it’s your last friend in life.
-   Donnie Darko: Omg, not even going to go there.

Don’t despair friends, there are still some things to hold sacred in the crazy world we call indie street life.
-   Clove cigarettes + Vermouth (scene points if you know what I’m referencing!)
-   Black coffee
Still cool kids, still cool.

Keep it real,
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June 13, 2008 at 3:02 PM ×

Almost everyone I know drinks black coffee. Most of them are middle-aged or older, Jewish, white, men. Those are truly the cool kids in the class...=P Ha.

Congrats bro Whitney you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...