2.18.09 | M. Ward | Somerville Theater

I recently sat down with rg to hear about the M. Ward show. Here are her experiences.

Opening for M. Ward was Oakley Hall, a band that "didn't strike me as very memorable," explains rg, "although I did enjoy their song 'Angela'." Well if that's the case, let's skip to the main act!

Somerville was one of the first cities on the Hold Time tour so it was clear that some kinks were still being worked out. Though it was sometimes a little sloppy, the effect was not bothersome, but more so endearing. He started the set off with the title track off the new album, which was nice. A couple songs in featured just Matt on guitar. Moments later a guy non-chalantly walks up and begins whistling for "Lullaby and Exile". "It was so sweet, this guy just walked on and started whistling and it really complimented M. Ward's singing," rg raved. The set list was a good mix of old and new, with all major albums represented. One of the singers in Oakley Hall joined M. Ward for "Never Had Nobody Like You", a tune now more known because of his She + Him counterpart, Zooey Deschanel's, vocal accompaniment. The encore ended with "Rave On", an excellent choice for the last song which could only be described by rg as "man, oh man."
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