3.19.09 | Bloc Party | House of Blues

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Our roving reporter recently saw Bloc Party at House of Blues. "The best part of the show was when they played "Like Eating Glass", which was the last song of the second encore. It's one of my favorite songs in general and I'd been waiting to see it live for 3 years," Ruby said. In general, "I felt like a lot of the new stuff was sloppy, or it had too much reverb to be able to tell," she added. I too, favor the older albums to Intimacy or even A Weekend in the City.

One of the more memorable elements of the show was that "the drummer wore no shirt and short shorts, which was amusing." One interesting observation was in regards to "Positive Tension" which they played in the first encore. "The bass line in that song is so solid. It's too bad though, to have seen it now, and not when the album first came out because the urgency of Silent Alarm is clearly gone from Bloc Party, and that's what makes the album so good... so even though it was great to see the song live it was a bit tired, like it wasn't relevant in his life nearly as much any more."

How has Bloc Party changed? See my review of their show from two years ago!
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