05.25.09 | Sasquatch Music Festival | The Gorge

Economy be damned, Sasquatch lives on in 2009, with the first two days selling out and Day 3 quite full. After a three hour drive over the mountains, I arrived to the blistering dry heat of eastern Washington. Of course, I promptly cooled off with a nice cold one. Unfortunately I was too busy drinking beer to remember to bring my precious iPhone, and subsequently left it in the oven of a car all day (it was not melted when I returned, phew!)
Having arrived just as Grizzly Bear were finishing up on the Main Stage, I headed over to catch Bishop Allen on the Wookie stage. Their carefree music helped to cool the crowd down. I caught a couple songs before heading to the Main Stage for Santogold.

She was a great live performer, engaging with the crowd by offering helpful advice ("Don't eat Burger King before getting on stage") and recognizing a fan who had been at her show the previous night. Check out the interesting bodysuit she is wearing.

Following her was Gogol Bordello, the gypsy punk band. They were really fun! Their violinist, sporting a full white beard, shredded the strings in a leather vest. They played my favorites like "Think Locally, Fuck Globally" and "Start Wearing Purple".

After their set I hurried over back to the Wookie stage to catch a bit of Blitzen Trapper. They were enjoyable, but not memorable. Hard to make a lasting impression being the band after Gogol Bordello!
More dashing ensued back to the main stage for Fleet Foxes. Though there is no denying FF's unique pastoral sound, the effect falls flat in an outdoor setting because it exposes the artificiality of it.
Next up was Silversun Pickups, whom I enjoyed very much.

Back to the other stage for some Girl Talk. I have to admit, he loses his novelty the second time around. It wasn't as exciting and spontaneous this time, knowing that he would bring audience members on the stage to dance. There was a dude in a green suit though dancing, see if you can find him in the picture!

To the lawn again for Erykah Badu. After what seemed like eternity she came on stage in an interesting ensemble of hoodie up and a top hat over the hood. She was in-ter-est-ing. I remember her vaguely from the early 90s; it is not clear what she has been up to since then, but probably a lot of pot smoking.
We closed out the night with Explosions in the Sky, who were undoubtedly pretty fucking epic. Might I just note that there is nothing more uncomfortable than falling for a false ending. Seriously it's like the worst blue balls.

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