06.14.09 | The Constantines | Neumos

The last night of Noise for the Needy featured local band Hey Marseilles, Long Beach natives Cystal Antlers, and Canada's the Constantines. I was lucky to be involved with this year's Noise for the Needy festival. The event happens once a year in Seattle, in which local and global bands come together to perform pro bono with all proceeds benefiting a different nonprofit each year. This year's beneficiary was Transitional Resources which provides housing and support for adults with mental illness.

After a late start, Hey Marseilles took the stage with their cheery folk pop. The band included a cello and a violin and various other peripheral players.

Next up was Crystal Antlers. They were fucking epic. Their music can only be described as neo-punk, like a more raw version of Explosions in the Sky fused with jazz influences. I was blown away enough to fork over an uncalled for $12 for a CD.

Finally, the Constantines, who are described as "Fugazi meets Springsteen".
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July 20, 2009 at 8:09 PM ×

I think I've heard Hey Marseilles [sp?], but based on what you wrote they sound like a band I definitely want to look into.

I'm awaiting your Death Cab blog entry, as well!

Congrats bro Unknown you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...