09.05.09 | Bumbershoot Music Festival | Seattle Center

Bumbershoot is Seattle's premier urban music festival. Spanning three days, the event features music, comedy, literature, film, food, and more. So in the tradition of my cop out posts, here are some haikus about the event!

True to form, Bumber-
shoot lived up to its name
for it rained every day.

Matt & Kim rocked as
usual, shouting out to
local friends and fans.

Like U.S.E. whose
performance was a let down
unlike their CD.

Seeing De La Soul
was a treat. They got the people
up on their feet.

Local neo-jazz
group Vunt Foom backed local hip-
hop Common Market.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs rocked the
mainstage. Karen O has a
killer stage presence.

Best act of the fest
was definitely David
Cross. Hilarious!

David Cross reading from his book

Yeah Yeah Yeah's set included confetti and giant eyeballs over the crowd
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September 19, 2009 at 6:59 PM ×

I had no idea Bumpershoot was so big. I just saw the cost of entry and didn't even think twice about going. Too spendy. But wow. What a turnout!

Congrats bro ForensicMama you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...