10.25.09 | Girl Talk | Pier 94

This was my third time seeing Girl Talk, and to be honest, seeing him live once is enough. Since his music consists of him mashing tracks together, the experience is not much different than his CD. However, since the tickets were free (thanks again Kia!) I couldn't pass it up.

I previously saw Girl Talk at the Capitol Hill Block Party in 2008 and at Sasquatch Music Festival in 2009, both outdoor venues. This time I experienced the party from inside a giant warehouse on the West Side Highway. This allowed for a giant screen flashing images of everything from hamburgers to "Krak Attack" and free-form text. In addition we were bombarded with:

  • toilet paper
  • confetti
  • water
  • inflatable wiggly tube filled with confetti
  • giant balloons filled with confetti
  • big inflatable pillow

It was a fun show and I had the opportunity to hear some new music.

Party on!
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