03.02.10 | Flogging Molly | Hammerstein Ballroom

In a bit of a throwback to high school, I saw punk legends, Flogging Molly at the Hammerstein ballroom. The show opened with a band out of Kansas City, the Architects. They were okay, nothing special to write home about. The next act, Frank Turner, was alright as well, but could have been better if he didn't play the songs on an acoustic. The bland performances by these two openers make me sad that there is no new, quality, punk rock these days. Bands like Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy have truly taken what was left of punk rock and pop punk and for lack of better term, completely shat on it and ruined whatever was left of the commercial punk existence.

So thank god for bands like Flogging Molly who continue to churn out respectable punk. The audience was filled with fans both old and young and it was good to see the timelessness of Flogging Molly. They played old classics and songs off the newer album without missing a beat. They played for possibly an hour and a half, and I was tired, but not these middle-aged rockers! (Dave King is 49). All in all, I was thoroughly impressed by their performance, and who knows, if I'm feeling really nostalgic, I'll go to Warped Tour this year.
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