04.23.10 | Hot Chip | Terminal 5

I was super super stoked to be able to see Hot Chip. However I first had to suffer through Gang Gang Dance. The experimental band bumbled through a number of songs that sounded the same. I don't know if there were technical difficulties or what, but lead singer Liz Bougatsos' voice could only be heard in intermittent shrieks. Also the guy dancing and waving a flag in the back was really distracting. I know they're "experimental" and all, but it was very unpleasant to listen to and I couldn't wait for it to end.

Finally, Hot Chip took the stage with much fanfare. And oh man they were so awesome. Alexis Taylor was rocking some purple pants. There was such great energy from the band and the audience, it is definitely an experience not to be missed. Hot Chip is now one of my favorite concerts of all time, and a band that I will not hesitate to see over and over (I'm so clever).

Their set list did not disappoint:

  1. Hand Me Down Your Love
  2. One Pure Thought
  3. Thieves in the Night
  4. Brothers
  5. One Life Stand
  6. Over and Over
  7. Alley Cats
  8. And I Was a Boy From School
  9. Take It In
  10. We Have Love
  11. Hold On


  1. She Wolf – Shakira Cover (seriously! it was so awesome! He used this mouthpiece voice changer thing, I don't know what it was called but it looks like fun)
  2. I Feel Better
  3. No Fit State
  4. Ready for the Floor
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