OK Go: Can Viral Videos Be More Than Just Viral Videos?

Engaging article in New York Magazine this week about OK Go: "How OK Go Are Rewriting the Pop-Band Rule Book, One Extraordinary Video at a Time"

It is certainly interesting to theorize as to why OK Go, with their wildly successful videos, have not been able to translate that success to album/mp3 sales. My thoughts are simply that OK Go are not that interesting musically. There is nothing particularly unique or memorable about their music. Sure it is entertaining and pleasant to the ears, but it's not something I often select to listen to. As such OK Go is faced with a challenge. They can either try to remain profitable by finding a way to translate their video's page views into revenue, or strengthen the music behind the videos to garner fans the traditional way. From the looks of it, OK Go is abandoning the traditional model. Let's just hope it works.
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