08.04.10 | Hot Chip | Central Park Summerstage

Central Park Summerstage

Ahh, summer outdoor shows. As this is my first summer in New York City, when I think of summer concerts I think of the cool summer nights that I grew comfortable with in Seattle, with the marine air and the lush grass accompanying the music. Not so in New York. Wednesday's show at Central Park Summerstage was hot and humid and increasingly smelly. I arrived and immediately bee-lined for the bleachers so as to avoid the sweaty masses. Because the only thing worse than bathing in one's own sweat is swimming in the sweat of 500+ strangers.

I caught the latter half of Hercules and Love Affair, a much hyped NY-based group. Their music can only be described as something you would listen to while having surgery or something, music intended to put you into a trance. They had two back up dancers and various superfluous singers. Though they had a good energy and visually engaging performance, their live sound is noticeably inferior to their recorded music.

Hot Chip
After a well-executed stage change, Hot Chip took the stage. As usual, they were amazing even without singer Joe Goddard who was away on paternity leave. The altered set still accommodated for Goddard on a few tracks by way of video.

H/T Brooklyn Vegan
Set List:

  1. Boy From School
  2. One Pure Thought
  3. Thieves in the Night
  4. One Life Stand
  5. Over and Over
  6. Hand Me Down Your Love
  7. Alley Cats
  8. Take It In
  9. We Have Love
  10. Hold On


  • I Feel Better
  • No Fit State
  • Ready for the Floor
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