02.24.11 | Yellow Ostrich | Piano's

In the small, intimate back space of Piano's on the Lower East Side, I caught the last night of Yellow Ostrich's residency. I made my way into the room in time to see the opening band, and immediately regretted my decision in doing so but at that point had already found a nice spot in the small room so leaving was not an option. I don't remember what they were called, but they were certainly memorable in how awful they were. It was clear they wanted to be the Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver, but clearly fell short. Even with an ear infection I could tell that the harmonies were way off. The superfluous band included a female "musician" if you could call her that because she mostly just tapped a few notes on the keyboard and plucked a few strings here and there on the violin. Mostly she just stood around with a stupid grin on her face. This rag-tag bunch looked like they were randomly plucked off their fixed-gear bikes plopped in front of instruments and didn't know what to do with them. I think the lead singer is better off exploring solo opportunities.

Yellow Ostrich took the stage with whimsy and shy charm. Lead singer Alex Schaaf was a friendly host for the evening, leading the audience through a number of songs off The Mistress as well as a few old favorites. Seeing them live was a treat, as you get to witness the vocal looping in action. Despite one stumble when the loop didn't lock, the band carried the show with confidence. The band recently left for a national tour with Say Hi. I look forward to following their success.
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