08.01.11 | Lykke Li | Central Park Summerstage

Image courtesy of Vincent Cornelli via Brooklyn Vegan

A humid dusk settles over Central Park Summerstage. What better scene for Lykke Li, the Swedish songstress, to seduce a group of fawning New Yorkers?

Unfortunately I had to sit through the opener, Timber Timbre, who was as annoying as the mosquitoes and dragonflies flying over head. The lead singer also spent the entire set in a beekeeper get up, which did not gain him any sympathy.

Finally, after waiting the allotted 45 minutes while I contemplated if I wanted an overpriced beverage or ice cream, Lykke Li et al appeared on the stage amid a swarm of fake smoke and billowing drapery. She opened with "Jerome", a somewhat soft opening number in my opinion, but soon picked up the pace with "Breaking It Up". She played a good mix of numbers from Youth Novels and Wounded Rhymes, with singles from both albums being well-received in equal measure.

As a performer, she was about as enthralling as a pair of hot pants and a muu muu can be. It would have been nice if she engaged more with her band or the audience. The entire act seemed a bit routine, despite her reassurances that she was "so happy to be here". Nevertheless, she performed flawlessly, as one would after playing the same songs repeatedly. Her live performance closely mirrored the studio versions, but sometimes you just want to see the face behind the voice.
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August 21, 2011 at 2:23 PM ×

One of my other friends also enjoys Lykke Li. Maybe I'll check her out.

Congrats bro Whitney you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...