07.12.12 | H2O | House of Vans

House of Vans hosts free concerts (with free booze!) throughout the summer in their skate park on the East River. Tonight featured hardcore veterans 7 Seconds and H20 and the crowd was a good mix of aged punk rockers and kids who felt like being punk for a day.

7 Seconds went on first despite being one of the longest running hardcore punk bands. I don't feel qualified to provide an informed review of their performance, but I will say that they are rather old (and they acknowledged that) but they were no less passionate about playing music. Also they played a pretty awesome cover of "99 Balloons".

H2O on the other hand, about half as long in longevity, took to the stage boisterously and not without a few bounces. They arrived with an assorted entourage of family and friends, especially given the home turf. Lead singer Toby Morse's son, even sang a few songs and one could clearly tell that he was a frontman in the making. Though the theme of the performance appeared to be family as Morse brought members of his family to the stage and gave shout-outs to aunts and uncles, H2O acknowledged the punk family that brought them up, like 7 Seconds. They played songs such as "Guilty by Association".
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