10.06.12 | The Ataris | Knitting Factory

In what has seemed to become a more and more frequent occasion, I revisited my high school days through Saturday night's Ataris concert at The Knitting Factory. Entering the venue, I was brought back to circa 2003 - me and a few friends, donned in boxy band t-shirts, tight ripped jeans and Converse high tops, sheepishly waiting for the band at their merch table in order to get an autograph or a photograph. Fast forward to 2012, many years and more cynicism later, I still felt the thrill of the opening chords of "In This Diary". Though they have an album coming out, they delivered the hits that made them famous, which meant of course "Boys of Summer" and "San Dimas High School Football Rules". The crowd got rowdy towards the end of the set, with brazen audience members surfing on to the stage sans security (which seemed to irk lead singer Kris Roe) and a rather boisterous mosh pit formed in front of me. I was about one guy away from being covered in beer! I should have noticed that things were headed south when not one, but two, strings broke on Roe's guitar. The set came to an early end though, when guitarist Thomas Holst tossed his guitar aside and jumped into the pit. The show officially came to a close when Roe pulled a power play and denied the audience of an encore.

The next day, Roe had another tantrum that resulted in the drummer quitting the band.

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December 1, 2012 at 10:29 PM ×

Wow I must have missed this blog entry. The lead singer sounds like an ass.

Congrats bro Whitney you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...