Mystery Skulls "Forever" album out today; releases "Magic" and "Number 1" both featuring Brandy and Nile Rodgers

Debut Album "Forever" Out Today on Warner Bros. Records

Master producer, singer and tattooed wunderkind, Mystery Skulls AKA Luis Dubac has dropped two blissful dance tracks 'Magic' and 'Number 1' featuring Nile Rodgers and Brandy off of his debut album 'Forever.' The album is a collection of songs that provide a fresh take on disco by blending electro, soul, 70s and 80's pop with futuristic elements ushering in a new era of pop music. 'Forever' has just dropped via Warner Bros. Records.

The collaborations with the two legends were something from Luis' dreams. "It came out of nowhere, I had basically written this track and then Nile got my number and called me randomly and like a week later we were in the studio and he had tracked guitar on the song," says Luis about working with Nile. As for pop star Brandy, "I wrote the song with her in mind for it and then one day she heard it through someone we both knew and she said yes to it and we were in the studio like a week later. When she showed up she asked to sing on my other track "Magic" as well, " he adds. In celebration of this release, Mystery Skulls will be performing his dynamic live set along with Run The Jewels on November 13th at The Echo as part of the Red Bull Sound Select "30 Days in LA" series.





1. Forever
2. The Future
3. Paralyzed
4. Hellbent Feat. Snowblood
5. Fantasy
6. Ghost
7. Magic Feat. Nile Rodgers And Brandy
8. Number 1 Feat. Brandy and Nile Rodgers
9. When I'm With You
10. Body High
11. Every Note

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