03.16.15 | Guttermouth | Saint Vitus Bar

At Saint Vitus, the unassuming metal bar near the edge of gentrified Greenpoint, Brooklyn, three punk bands and one last minute addition out of Norway brought as much as energy as they could to a Monday night.

Kicking things off was local band Wonderboy, a three-piece punk band consisting of Danny Birks on guitar and lead vocals, Lee Pilgrim on bass and Matt Storm on drums. Reminiscent of early Blink-182, they reminded me of the bands that I grew up listening to, and their excitement to be playing with Guttermouth was genuine and impassioned.


Check out a clip of their performance on the band's Facebook page:

In a last minute addition to the line-up, Norwegian art-punk/hardcore band, Haust joined the evening. Though they were a bit of an outlier in the line-up, their performance was highly entertaining and reflected their emphasis on not only the quality of the music but also the care and attention to the performance. Lead singer Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg was frighteningly intense as he tore through each song with 110% of his soul, stomping off the stage with the conviction of a serial killer and circling an empty water bottle on the floor like a lion circles his prey.


Their latest album, Bodies, was just released on March 10th and they will soon be on their way to SXSW. 


Transitioning from Haust is not easy for any band, but bringing us back on track and supporting Guttermouth on this tour was Counterpunch, a band from Chicago who opened their set with a story about their first introduction to New York being the unfriendly toll booth workers. Luckily that didn't dampen their spirits, as they played a lively set that reminded me of No Use for a Name. 


Known for their outrageous behavior and humorous lyrics, my first entree to Guttermouth was when I was maybe 16 years old, when my friend won tickets on the radio to a private show. We sat on the ground and were treated to an acoustic concert and Q&A session, and then received copies of the CD which we got signed by the band. I remember shyly waiting my turn to meet the band, and lead singer Mark Adkins politely thanking me for coming out to the show. It was definitely one of my most memorable musical experiences.

Monday night is certainly a tough night to play for any band, and you have to go into it with no expectations and no reservations, as a performer and as as an audience member. Given the circumstances, or maybe it just being Guttermouth, their performance had to be one of the most entertaining ones I have seen in a long time. Every time Mark went out into the audience the crowd went wild and there were still a few veterans in the audience who were singing along to every song. There was also a lot of audience interaction, as the band dished out as many hugs as they did digs. I knew things were going to get wild when someone threw up in front of the stage. Sure enough, as Guttermouth blazed through songs like, "I'm Destroying the World" and "Can I Borrow Some Ambition", the circle pit formed and people were slipping and falling face first in beer and bits of carrot. Pretty disgusting, but pretty entertaining. 

Having a good time - Guttermouth

As Adkins proclaimed, they are "one of the few remaining punk bands" to still be touring like this. He is now almost 50 years old, and the band itself is almost 30 years old. As far as I'm concerned, as long as they keep playing, we will still keep coming out to support them! 

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