05.10.15 | H2O + ACHE | Saint Vitus Bar

Coming off of 5 sold out nights, H2O packed the unmarked Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in a somewhat oddly timed, Mother's Day Sunday afternoon. But for most of us who had bought the tickets to the sold-out show months ago, not realizing that it was Mother's Day, clearly the real occasion to celebrate was the 20th anniversary of H2O.

This show was the culmination of a five-night run at Saint Vitus Bar, with a variety of opening bands. On this day, the opener was another New York band, ACHE, a five-piece hardcore band featuring Ryan Bland on lead vocals. Though it was somewhat incongruous to be listening to such heavy music in the middle of a sunny afternoon, ACHE was not deterred and still delivered a spot-on set without compromising their sound.

Formed in 1995 by lead singer Toby Morse, who at the time was a roadie for Sick of it All, H2O quickly became a formidable and influential presence in the New York hardcore scene. Now 20 years later, with families and futures fulfilled, H2O have nevertheless managed to remain relevant in the music scene, with an upcoming album, Was Here, to be released later this year. In a tribute to their storied history, they played many songs off of their third album, F.T.T.W. including the title song, "One Life, One Chance" and "Guilty by Association" as well as "Sunday" from their 2008 album, Nothing to Prove.

The punks of the past have now aged to have families of their own, and many of these young offspring were sitting on their parent's shoulders experiencing their first show, like their parents did twenty years ago. Though many years have passed, it still felt the same as the hearing H2O for the first time or at least the last time.

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