Grooveshark Shuts Its Doors

Photo courtesy of jeco/flickr

It was a significant day in music today. Grooveshark, the Florida-based music start-up which provided streaming music for years, was forced to shut its doors. In a settlement with Warner, Sony, and Universal Music in 2011, Grooveshark chose to end operations and dole out an apology in order to avoid a hefty fine. It was accused of illegally sharing almost 5,000 songs which meant that, if it had been found guilty, it would have faced a damages bill of up to $736m.

Grooveshark was guilty of not securing the proper licenses for the copyrighted content they were hosting, arguing that because the content was crowdsourced, they were not responsible for user content. But it wasn't hard for the courts to counter that Grooveshark employees were uploading music and therefore not protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Grooveshark joins Napster, LimeWire and Grokster in the list of streaming music services that have been taken down by the Recording Industry Association of America

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